F4 to F4i tail conversion?
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Thread: F4 to F4i tail conversion?

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    F4 to F4i tail conversion?

    Hey everyone I'm getting kinda bored of my banana seat so I'm looking for a F4i Tail fender or seat cowl for my F4. I've seen the targa seat cowl and alot of people have been telling me that its really hard to access the trunk with the targa on so I'd prefer a new tail conversion.

    Ideally I would like my f4 to look like this:

    <img src="http://www.sportbikez.net/bikepics/medium/1064643529.jpg">

    but mines red

    If anybody is selling it or has an idea where I can get one by all means please message me and let me know, it would be much appreciated. Any idea on costs?

    thanks in advance

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    im trying to do the same mod. i have been searching for a while and slowing gathering the parts.

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    just did the conversion to my gf's F4, the chief i have the targa seat cowl for F4 sitting around if you want them . pm me if u run into any problems

    anyone here wants to do a 01-02 F4i to 03-04 F4i tail conversion ?. i got all the tail parts avi from 2000 F4

    i think this should thread should be at the mod sections BTW

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