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    Question Shareware spam killer question..

    I am sure tired of getting more and more "spams" into my email in- box.
    My question to all of you is: I am looking for a share-ware down-load that is VERY simple to use and set up to stop so many spams,etc.,into my inbox.
    I wish there was one where I could program certain "key" words,ie: "loans,xxx,mortgages,hot,etc,etc"......that would trigger the anti-spam program to go into effect.
    I have tried several,but,the amount of incoming spams,seems to not decrease...
    Suggestions welcome!!



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    doesn't your email client support field filters allready?
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    none at the moment
    I don't know about shareware that stop spam but I would like to tell you this katana600 , welcome to the board
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    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    doesn't your email client support field filters allready?
    Well,supposedly it does and I installed it a couple days ago,but, I am not sure if it is working....
    Is there a way to tell if it is properly installed? It is "Spam-Killer".(As u can telll I r a computer dummie!!)
    And btw thanks for the welcome!!


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