Brake light problem
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Thread: Brake light problem

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    Brake light problem

    I just noticed the other day that my rear running light doesnt work. It only lights up when the brakes are applied. When I turn the key to 'park' it lights up with the running light filiment and I checked the bulbs and know that they are ok.

    I dont think its a fuse because if it was, my whole light probably wouldnt work.

    Any ideas? It's a '97 750
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    you need a new ign switch

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    Maybe yes maybe no. What you reallly need is a wireing diagram, a meter and some knowledge to trace out the problem. On most bikes the power to the running light runs from the battery, to the fuse panel, to the ignition switch, and then back to the taillight. On this merry route the power passes through probably 4 or 5 connector blocks. Any one of those blocks could be corroded or partially opened or the wire may have been rubbed through or pinch cut due to any number of problems where the harness passes through openings and other joints.
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    there might be more than one fuse, since they are kinda separate circuits. fuses are the obvious and should always be checked first, so you don't have a D'OH! later. then, as bruce says, check for shorts and bad connectors.

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