Best price on Alpinestars gloves???
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Thread: Best price on Alpinestars gloves???

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    Best price on Alpinestars gloves???

    I bought Teknic Violator gloves but didn't like the feel of them, and prefer some Alpinestars gloves.

    Where should I go locally for the best deal and selection for Alpinestars?

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    I but my alpinestar stuff from ebay, Cycle Barn in Seattle or I go see Amber at PacYam.

    I recently bought some Joe Rocket Speedmaster gloves from RMS. Was very happy with fit and price.

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    Teknics usually have good feel, because of the kangaroo palm.. I have 2005 Joe Rocket Speedmasters myself and they are very soft and comfortable. Give them a try as well.
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    Are u guys talking about the JR Speedmaster 5.0 or regular ones? And what's the diff between the two?

    The only thing I didn't like about the Teknic Violators was the additional strap that tightens the wrist area. My gf has Alpinestars SP2's and rode with them for a while and love the feel of them. I haven't tried the JR ones, but will go and check em out now for sure.

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    The fit prolly depends on the shape and size of your hands. I have tried on a few pairs of Alpinestars gloves and i hate them. They seem to be made for very delicate, girly hands, i can never get my meaty paws into them past the wrist closure. Joe Rockets seem to fit me perfectly right off the bat.

    Pacific Yamaha has a pretty good selection of both of these brands.

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    I'm a big fan of HJC gloves great fit and very durable, couple a getoffs and still look great and they did there job fine I still have all my fingers.

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