2003 R6?
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Thread: 2003 R6?

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    2003 R6?

    From what I've read no blue or red, who cares about the red, but no BLUE???

    Anyone know what its gonna go for?

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    The R6 is going to ROCK in 2003. It's already an awesome bike and then even better. The yellow shown is a European colour, there's no way they would get rid of the blue.

    The price could not increase much over 2002, maybe a couple of hundred and very likely the same price. With Honda, Suk and Kawi all at the same price point they have to stay within a couple of hundred to compete.

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    I wish.
    Wow. I'm very much drooling right now. I really like the shortened tail, along with the included seat cowl. Those OEM ones are very pricey for the current R6's IMO. Nice to see the update, and I'd love to see some other colors from Yamaha, but I agree - do keep the blue.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing these, along with the F4i with an undertail exhaust? ...

    Anyone know what mag that's from?
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    Hey, it's only half a bike...the suspense is killing me! Where's the rest of it?

    Yellow would be kinda cool...but I really hope they don't get rid of the red, it's one of the nicest looking paint schemes out there. I agree that they probably won't drop the blue one.
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