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    Tank Locker Tank Bag

    Just got this today. I opted for the "commuter bag" since I only need to carry wallet, keys, phone, and a bottle of water. Cam phone pics suck but gives you a general idea of the bag.

    Pros: hand-made in the US, very good quality, locking mechanism, prevents scratches on tank...doesn't use straps or magnets, can unzip bag within seconds and take it off the bike, gas cap is still easily accessible, and tank ring is heavy-duty to support quite a bit of weight.

    Cons: waterproof material optional for additional $20 USD(fugly anyways), EXPENSIVE($159.95 USD and up), took 1 month to get it from date of internet order, sticks out a bit into my gut(incentive to get rid of my old-man gut I suppose)

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    more pics...

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    Nice... you wouldn't have been able to put a tank bag that used magnets on anyways~~ I had one from my previous F4i (Oxford) and it wouldn't stick... lol... so I used the strap it came with and strapped it to my rear seat~~ works just the same~~
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    Yeah, last year I was using a Joe Rocket blaster tank bag. I was using the strap around the triple tree, but I was really worried if I leaned over too far that it would slide off and hang off the side of the tank and screw me up mid-turn causing me to crash.

    Been riding the last couple weeks with this now. I barely know it's there. Having it stick into my gut reassures me that it's still there nice and secure...lol.

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