Carb/gas problems on my GPZ600
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Thread: Carb/gas problems on my GPZ600

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    Question Carb/gas problems on my GPZ600

    Hey all, I just got my carbs rebuilt.. and After I got them back, I put the tank on and I turned the valve to the PRI position, where it is supposed to be, and then gas started pouring out of my second carb from inside the carborator (4 carbs). Is this because my floats are not adjusted properly. The bike shop told me everything was fixed, but I guess they missed that part. And if its not leaking from the carb, It will leak down through the cylinder and into the!

    I am posting this for a friend.

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    Take a hammer or screw driver and tap/beat on the float bowl. IT sounds like the needle is stuck/sticking. If this does not help, you will have to pull it apart again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 294fps
    LIGHTLY! ! ! ! ! You're just trying to shake loose the innards and not crack the metal.

    Sorry to barge in 294 but as soon as some folks see the word "hammer" know.
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