Want to see Jesse James build a trike or quad...
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Thread: Want to see Jesse James build a trike or quad...

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    Want to see Jesse James build a trike or quad...

    There is a guy on another forum that I go to that, well, let him and his wife explain it.

    Hello, I am new to this forum stuff, but I know you all are familar with my husband Michael aka Orange-Appeal. I am writing this to inform all of you to please be careful on curves and oncoming traffic. Michael is currently in the ICU in Atlanta in very serious condition. On July 23rd he washed his bike and decided to air dry it as he has many times before. He was on his way back when he was taking a curve and the oncoming minivan took the curve too wide and was in his lane. Consiquently, Michael was ran off the road into the ditch. When he tried to get out of the ditch and return to the road, he hit the culvert pipe and was thrown 75ft from the bike landing in the road. He has suffered a crushed pelvis, 4 broken ribs, broken right lower leg and ankle and the worse is 2 vertebraes exploded on impact severing his spinal cord causing him permanent loss of his legs. We are currently waiting for his body to stabilize so he can survive surgery to repair his many broken bones.
    I am sorry to have to write this type of message, but I want to put that extra warning out there, we all know that motorcycles are safe, it's the other motorist that we have to watch out for!
    I now ask that you fellow bikers keep my husband in your thoughts and prayers , he can use all the strenght we can give him now.
    Mrs Orange-Appeal

    Hello my name is Michael and I was in a motorcycle crash a few years back and now a T12 Para and have been try'n to get back on the road with a Trike or Quad street bike, but no luck, I have lots of suport from the guys at http://www.riderforums.com http://www.riderforums.com/forumdisp...?s=&forumid=33 but no real way to build this thing, I even had a guy from CycleDreams Magazine try and get TOCC to build it, but they cant do it with out some $$$, every body says to try and get Monster Garage to do it but I just dont see it as being a big enough deal for MG to take it on, but I will give it a try and put this up here to see. Thanks for your time

    So bump this thread to see if they will build it. Micheal is a welder by trade and is more than willing to build it with them. This would be way better than things that Jesse just blows up. Jesse James Make A Wish Foundation

    I for one think that this would be a wicked idea. It could happen to anyone of us and it would be nice to get im back in the saddle.

    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    aweful tale but...Man that thing is sweeet!

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    He's a cool guy, and a tough bugger considering what he's been through and the positive attitude he always has on the boards. Hope something comes of it, be cool to see him rippin around on a trike!
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    I'm just in the middle of getting a Banshee quad with a R6 engine to be streetlegal. I'll know if it will happen within a month. The quad does around 240kmh. Problem is with 10" discs on the front it doesn't slow down very quick.

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