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    P4 PC - Fan Noise

    So I've upgraded to a Pentium IV system finally.

    It's a clone box, but just put in my 2nd power supply / fan... and noticed both models were ridiculously LOUD.

    Is this common with these 450+ watt supplies? Anyone have comments or else know of more quieter fans? This is like slow torture...

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    Brand name power supplies are usually much quieter. You can also get quiet case fans and CPU fans. There's also this rubber grommet kit you can get at london drugs to separate the fan from the case and reduce vibration. Crazy people that want their PCs silent use similar things for drives: HDD, CD/DVD as well.
    Also a good case like the antec sonata will also make a big difference.

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    A cheap and effective way to quiet your PC is to rewire your case fans to run at 5V instead of 12V (swap the red wire for the yellow). Your fans will last longer too. 2 fans running at 5V are generally quieter than one fan running at 12V.

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    I've been battling with noise on my system for a bit.

    Here is some ways to quiet your computer down:

    1.get a silicone gasket for PS (london drugs carries them) it comes with little silicone screw washers too. It prevents the vibrations from going into the chassis.

    2.get a PS with intelligent fan controll(speeds up as the temp goes up, slows dwn when the temp is down)

    3.Get water cooling(that's where I'm at)
    I've been running water cooling for my MoBo, CPU & vid card for 1.5 years now trouble free(so far)
    My CPU is running at average 42-44 degrees celcius up tp 47-48 when used intensively -it's an AMD 2600 running at 2.2Ghz

    4.you can get water cooled PS too, or fanless PS's but these last are pricey.

    Oh, and get yourself one of those fan rpm controllres. You can dial them down to reasonable noise level, while they still keep the temperature down.

    In general, with the fans you get what you pay for. CHeapos are noisier and have less features. Expensive ones can be controlled and are specifically profiled for maximum efficiency & minimum noise




    -this one is locally available if you'd like an adventurous project
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    Man, you guys are nuts! I LOVE my noisey PC. I have 5 fans in it right now, sounds like a helicopter.

    I cant sleep if the computer isnt on!

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    My computer sounds alot like a fully loaded 747 on take off Once i unplug all the case fans, it'll quiet down considerably. Still using 4 cheap case fans that came with the case, not only noisy, but lit with LEDs to make sleeping impossible.

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    Whats a computer if it doesn't sound like a bathroom fan....hahaha......wait!?!?!?

    Bathroom fan may work better than 5 fans.......hmmmm......sounds like I got a new computer building project.
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