European Bike Wobble Extreme Crash.
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Thread: European Bike Wobble Extreme Crash.

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    European Bike Wobble Extreme Crash.

    European Bike Wobble Extreme Crash. The guy just losses control at max speed and slides approx 300-400 feet if not more.

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    I do not think it's a repost cause first time for me viewing it! lol.
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    I think thats pretty old but its the first time I have seen it on here.

    Looks like Isle of Man? Scary shit. Hope he didnt get wrapped around a pole.
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    repost, but still amazes me that he hung on that long.....

    should post that in the new rider section under why you need a steering damper....
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    I watched that live when it happened. He died. Don't really need to be too insensitive to that hear folks. It was the Isle, a number of years ago.
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