got my baby back...mmmmmmm
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Thread: got my baby back...mmmmmmm

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    got my baby back...mmmmmmm

    picked up my 1000 rr repsol, its been almost a month and a week to get her back. all the cosmetics still have to be done , but that will happen up in, prince george, when they come in from Japan. but atleast i can ride her. just to recap, i was hit by a left hand cager may 18, 100% her fault. thats why i have been with out my bike ........the end lol

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    Good to hear you got your baby back, as well as you healing so quickly! rock on.

    I was just starting to enjoy all those "sunny days" for you too.....

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    I just picked my baby up today after 10 months. Feels good, huh? Got her valves done, a K&N and some jetting to match the arrow pipe. Ba da ba bpa pa, I'm luvvin it'. What a diff over the older 400 gsxr. Crazy.

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