Steering Damper 4 2005 600RR ???
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Thread: Steering Damper 4 2005 600RR ???

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    Question Steering Damper 4 2005 600RR ???

    Hi all.

    Okay I'm a little confused.

    I know what steering dampers are used for but someone told me that a 2004-2005 600RR doesn't need it due to some reason. Is that true?

    If so, why and which one to get cause there are 1,000,000 of them out there.

    If not, why not?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've ridden a 600RR with and without a damper.
    If your suspension is set up properly (this takes alot of time and riding to fine tune) and you ride aggressive enough that you get head shake alot accelerating out of corners (or you like to wheelie alot) then get a damper.

    Best bang for the buck are the Hyperpro top mount dampers. You can choose from different colors as well. You will pay between $400 and $500.

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    I've ridden that bike at the track without a damper. It's fairly stable......but a damper is great insurance should you do something silly or run into road surface problems.

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    yeah a damper isn't really needed for the 2005... the front end feels so planted, but it would be a nice investment for safety... i would get a piston kind versus the rotary type. i read on another forum that the piston version is better

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