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    GS500 vs. EX500?

    This is not to start a debate regarding what bike to start on. I've read the various sticky's and comments, and decided against 600cc (my initial, inexperienced choice... ), at least until I get more experience.

    Decided on a sportbike, and since I learned on a Honda Rebel (Pro Ride), I want more then 250cc (six foot two, 230 lbs. I'll lose weight, I promise... ).

    So, choices apear to be either GS500 (probably GS500e), or EX500. For some reason, I was told that the EX500 would be better. Is this accurate?

    Thanks for whatever help you can give.
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    are you talking about the gs500 or the gs500f

    i'd go for the gs500f over all 3 choices

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    It's big and heavy.. must be a sport tourer
    i agree with one..guy.... GS500f
    while I do like Kawy... I think the EX500 is a bit of an eyesore (at least in my opinion)

    but what style do you want?
    Naked? (GS500)
    Half Fairing? (EX500)
    or Full Fairing? (GS500F)

    Are you a Dr Jeckyl? or Mr Hyde?

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    i ride a gs500f and i just started this year. having a great time with it since it's easy to handle. methinks it's better i went this way rather than something with more umphf since i can focus on improving my skills first. also gives me some time to save some $$ to upgrade next year or the year after.

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    No offence intended to the GS500F riders, but Suzuki putting a full fairing and GSXR-style paintjob on a bike with early 80's tech 40-something hp engine is about as cheezy as a 2.5L 4 banger in a camaro(82-85 i think) trying to make it look fast by adding more weight and breakable plastic to a bike that already doesn't have much balls.
    I'd go for the 500E out of those 2. But honestly you may as well get a early 80's honda CB450 and it'll do the job just fine as a first bike.

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