I have an '89 FJ 600 with about 41,000km for sale, because I want to find a FZR 600. Cosmetically, this bike is quite rough. The previous owner had an accident of some kind, because the lower plastic is missing, one engine cover is scraped, and there's a dent in the tank. Someone has stolen the 2 plastic side covers. Mechanically, the bike is fine. The exhaust doesnt leak, the previous owner says he did the fork seals, and the compression is good on the motor. Could use new tires next season. One or both of the front disc brakes has a slight warp; you can feel the pulsing at low speeds. Apparently, FJ's and FZ's often have that problem. I'm asking $1500; it's one of the cheapest sportbikes on this board. It's on EBAY.CA right now, so I'll have to kill this post if it sells there.
<http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4556421727&ssPageName= ADME:B:LC:CA:1>
I'll post some pictures here too.
You can email at <palace_master@yahoo.com>