OT: Drivers (windows98) needed!
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Thread: OT: Drivers (windows98) needed!

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    OT: Drivers (windows98) needed!

    I realize this is highly off topic, so maybe at least a steer towards another forum would help.
    I need drivers for windows98 for this USB 2.0 to IDE cable. They came with the box and there is no manufacturers website I can get them from. XP works fine but I need win98 ones.
    The box only says "R-Driver" on it and "USB 2.0 to IDE cable"

    I found a pic on some website that sells them. It's a pic of the second gen product, but same manufacturer and it looks the same.

    Maybe someone can help

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you can find a model number try www.driverguide.com
    user drivers (or maybe driver)
    pass all

    Good Luck


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