Anyone wear armour under the leathers?
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Thread: Anyone wear armour under the leathers?

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    Anyone wear armour under the leathers?

    I am looking to get some full leathers because I want to ride on the track. I was wondering if I should get more armour than just a back protector.

    What do you people use? I was looking at the Dainese safety jacket.

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    I have worn my six six one pressure suit once on a track day...great protection but it was much too bulky,i always wear it when riding offroad and if i'm flat tracking.(high sides suck)
    If i were you i would just get a good set of leathers with ce certified gp armour in the elbow,shoulders and wear a separate back protector.
    check out new for some good deals,the teknics suit made out or roo is only $1300 bucks and they have a few very good Alpinestars and Vanson deals on right now as well.

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    Yeah.. I am thinking it's overkill. I have heard good stuff about the TPro Forcefield back protector. CE level 2 protection... at a good price.

    I am going to get a PSI suit made for me... I am not an off-the-rack size.. unfortunately.

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    i'm lookin for hip protection... anyone seen a good set?
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