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    jaime t

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    2001 f41 600cbr
    fuel injected,6000km,does not ride like a regular f41 very fast,not for the streets,its been fix only for the racetrack,new red paint job,akrapovic exhaust+stock exhaust,new battery,new clutch plates,new rain tires,barely used michellin race tires,front and back stands,fox rear shock(lighter)+stock rear shock,new chain,extra tank,extra oil and honda filter,extra brakes,ohlins damper,safety wired for the races,extra rims,extra replacement parts for the bike,Im the 2nd owner of this bike,the previous owner i know he tooked care of this bike,he sold it to me because he's a big guy ,needed a bigger bike.
    i raced this bike at mission raceway for one season only,it was awsome,but now i dont have the time or the money,,have to worry about school and work.
    the previous owner and i haven't had any problems with the bike,the only problem i had is the clutch plates.im asking for $5,800 ,open to offers.
    for more details ask for jaime (604)-540-4979 or 604-375-1642 its better that you call me than email me i rarely go online but i still check
    this bike has been down,nothing major only your normal lowside race crashes.never had to take to a mechanic.
    im in the burnaby area
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