Getting started, questions about Ninja 250 and more...
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Thread: Getting started, questions about Ninja 250 and more...

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    Getting started, questions about Ninja 250 and more...

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at getting into the world of motorbiking, and I've read and heard that the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is a great place to start, due to it's good gas mileage and also how it's not that powerful enough to start throwing newbs all over. I recall hearing something about a slight model change sometime in the mid 90s, something about making the tires 17" and changing the braking a bit. What year did the new changes come into effect?

    Also, any good places to buy one of these in the lower mainland area, preferabbly used and in good condition?

    Last, what do you do if your in a small town and dont know anyone that has a motorbike license? How do you get past your L stage? I live in a cul-de-sac where police never come, so I'm probably going to practice on my road until I can take my N.

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    If you're up that way what about a dual sport so you can ride some of the trails and dirt roads? Of course that sort of means you need to be fairly tall to fit today's dual sport bikes.

    But not having someone to ride with is going to be a pain. Surely there's SOMEONE up that way. Post a thread asking for sunshine coast riders in General if one doesn't show up here in a day or two.
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