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    Ah Kit

    Talking New to BcSportbike

    like what the title says...i'm new..
    i heard from a friend that i can get a few good advices from this forum..
    so i quickly joined ..
    cuz i do have a few questions....

    So...i just got myself into a deal....not yet done but soon...
    what should i do to prevent myself getting ripped....

    should i bring it to some shop and have a checkup...since this is a private deal.....or should i trust the guy?

    i really don't i need some expert's advices...
    i don't mine stupid or obvious advices...cuz i really don't know what to do...

    like a lot of you....i just want to ride this summer..^^
    thx a lot~

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    Yup, bin' on a holiday... Array SkipTkt's Avatar
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    Don't be offended. That's just how new members are greeted. If you continue getting the same icon over the coming weeks, join again but use spell-check & grammar-check next time . As to your question, go to the 'New Riders' Q & A forum where you'll find the info you're looking for.

    - Peace
    It's not the number of breaths you take but the moments that leave you breathless.

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    Ah Kit
    thx skip....
    told you i was new...

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    1. icbc claims check
    2. take it to imperial or modern for an inspection

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    Ah Kit
    Guest more much is it to get it checked out........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah Kit more much is it to get it checked out........

    prob depends on where u take it to...

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