Any Use/distribute Tomahawk Tires
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Thread: Any Use/distribute Tomahawk Tires

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    Anybody Use/distribute Tomahawk Tires

    I've decided to runs DOT's on the street and track days. Grip is alot better then street tires and in the good ol US of A i can get tomahawks for crazy cheap so wear isn't too big of a deal.

    Everyone bashes em but they are seriously good tires. Granted the coloured compounds are ultra ghey but whatever. Used them at the track and at Deal's Gap ( and they grip better than the mighty pilot powers IMHO even in the wet, (just can't lean it over as much until its dry)

    You can get em with brand name profiles (ie 208 carcass with tomahawk compound and tread)

    Anyone in BC use em? Anyone in BC sell em? they hand out sponsorships pretty frivorlessly too if you racers are intrested.
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    They didn't want me this year. I imagine they're still catching up on the rubber technology but I don't personally have any concerns beyond that.

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