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    Another Race Glass Question

    Does anyone know if a Hotbodies upper can be fit to a Flexi-glass lower?

    I bought a Hotboddies upper on the spur of the moment off Ebay. It is brand new, never mounted and I got it for $150US. It hasn't arrived yet, but with my ICBC claim for the attacked bike, they are giving me $225 toward a new upper (the repair hours on the old one) so... Anyone venture a guess if they will play nice together?? The Flex-glass upper is $425, and I would really rather not dump more $$ in to the bike than necessary. I could sell the Hotbodies upper but I would rather spend the money on a 520 conversion.

    Any thoughts? The upper I had was a POS Body Double that came with a flexi lower. The 2 didn't line up and I would up glassing 2.5 inches to the bottom of the body double to fit the Flexi-glass.

    Or should I sell the flexi-glass lower and pick up a Hotboddies lower?

    Any help from the racers would be awesome.
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    My experience is the mismatched stuff doesn't work together every time but there's a definite chance. Some do the seams differently and often pick a different line between upper and lower when they make the molds. If you have both and some time, wait it out till the bodywork gets here and try it or get that matching upper from Flexiglass.

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