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    Question Clutch Questions ...

    Forget riding styles and abuse beyond reason of "normal" riding, I've got a few questions about mister Clutch. (And I'm not talkin 'bout the Mariners relief pitcher here!)
    1) How often do you adjust your clutch? I've adjusted once in about 1200-1500 kilometers and it was a quarter turn at the clutch lever adjustment screw.
    2)What is the 'average' life of a clutch anyways??? I'm curious to know what type of lifespan I should expect.
    3) I've heard that after the bike is in motion, and you start shifting into your higher gears, a couple of riders say that pulling in the clutch isn't necessary? In fact, it was suggested that if you pull in and out completely you would cause more wear than if you did partial vclutch engagements? Any truth or is this just some old fools hog-wash?

    Thanks for your answers fellow soldiers ....
    I love the sound of an idling bike early in the morning

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    You can clutchless shift at higher gears...

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