Anybody here ever work on a cruise ship?
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Thread: Anybody here ever work on a cruise ship?

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    Anybody here ever work on a cruise ship?

    So I potentially have a job position with Royal Caribbean at the end of July for a 6 month contract.
    Has anyone here ever worked on a ship before and what did you work as?
    The definate downside to this is that I'd have to sell my bike while I'm away. I went through serious withdrawl this winter when I couldnt ride it, and that was only a few months!
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    sailor might be the one to talk to. princess cruises.

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    wow man Id love to have that, everything you make is tax free, and you dont have any expenses, food and lodging all covered. wowowo so good! have fun man, how did you get the job?? where did you apply??

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    i did -- i used to work as a head video/broadcast tech for royal carrib.
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    My grandfather was a musician on the original "Love Boat", the one the made the tv show about. He enjoyed doing it, but saud the hours were extrmely long.

    Geraldene Saunders, the woman who wrote the book the tv show was based on was a friend of my grandfathers, even talked about him in her autobiography.

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    3rd matt
    You will have a good time, you will make decent $ and will meet tons of girls. Yeah I know the 6 months is a long time, I have done it 3 times but it is a good experience and after the 6 months you will have a good down payment for an apartment or to buy a new R1. Only the officers get there own cabins, so you will be sharing with another person. Royal Carribean is a better bet over Princess because they pay more.

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    I've been on three cruises with Royal Caribbean and I have a high school friend who has worked on the Voyager Of The Seas and Radiance Of The Seas. Depending what position your in, I know the servers and stateroom attendents rely mostly upon gratuities. (approx $3.50 - $5.00 per guest per day). I know they often double shift, working sometimes 16-18hr days to make extra money. The upside of the job is that he has visited alot of different countries and you don't have a lot of expences. He is now in the Eastern Caribbean.

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    The user "Jordan" also works on the cruise ships. You damn lucky suckers!
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