Real Science: What chick's think when orgasming
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Thread: Real Science: What chick's think when orgasming

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    Real Science: What chick's think when orgasming here is the article

    For women, it seems, sex is a big turn-off, reveals a brain scanning study. It shows that many areas of the brain switch off during the female orgasm - including those involved with emotion. “At the moment of orgasm, women do not have any emotional feelings,” says Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

    I can tell you now, there's gonna be tons of funny posts from reading that article!

    actually they are prolly in a state of shock since they are being pounded so hard!
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    none at the moment
    do you have a link to the article? I only found the other one... :

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