Moto GP accomadation and ticket available
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Thread: Moto GP accomadation and ticket available

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    Moto GP accomadation and ticket available

    Hey Kids,

    Myself and Zub Zub will be riding down to laguna, and i have a hotel room booked in salinas at the marriott.
    It has 2 queen beds and was thinking of getting another 2 people in too lower overall trip costs.
    Zub Zub may have a ticket available with paddock pass but you'll have to pm him on that one.
    Someone Pm'd me and i think was a tentative yes but if anyone is looking then let me know and we'll see if we can work something out.

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    Looking for room @ Laguna

    I've got tickets and a ride, but sadly, due to a mix-up, I have no accomodations.

    I'm a 39 year old male with good hygiene, good manners, and possibly most importantly a good sense of humour. And I don't talk too much... or too little... Although I can do a good job at feinting being mute, if that makes me more desirable as a roomie.

    Anyone with room to spare would earn my eternal gratitude, and whatever monetary compensation seems fair to you.

    email me at or call me (John) at 604-836-4024.


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