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    FRS ready made headsets

    A couple friends want headsets for their FRS radios but aren't interested in custom making a set like I did. We've found this set on the net. Has anyone tried them?

    They are the only ready made, aftermarket and (relatively) cheap headsets for FRS radios that I've found. If somone knows of another please let me know. It appears these particular ones are sold by a number of places.

    Also my friend is probably willing to organize a group buy *if* there is enough people and enough price savings to make it worthwhile.
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    You may wish to checkout this site as well

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    Thanks for the input Gord. However I believe those are the same units. They are actually made by RFLimited.

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    Collett Communicators guys... come on... these things can't be beat by anything out there!!!

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    Originally posted by skid-mark
    Collett Communicators guys... come on... these things can't be beat by anything out there!!!
    Actually I think you'll find the Autocom units are a lot better than the Colletts. I've used both and there is no comparison.

    The Colletts are the best "out of the box" of the "merely expensive" radios (versus the insanely expensive ones like Autocom) but the fact they are incompatible with everything else and combined with the price ($$) means you end up talking to yourself.

    FRS radios are cheap and industry standard. With some soldering skills for a headset they work just as well as the Colletts. If the RFlimited headsets work out then even people without soldering skills can have FRS.

    And if they don't work out, at least with FRS radios it is cheaper to end up talking to yourself!!
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