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Thread: sprockets

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    Question sprockets

    To make your bike more wheelie friendly is it better to put a smaller front sprocket on or a larger one in the rear. I've heard that a smaller one in the front could cause the chain to kink and could lead to an accindent. Anyone done a mod like this?
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    You can go -1 tooth on the front (for $30) or you could go +2 or 3 in the rear (for $70)

    Going down a tooth has the exact same effect as going up roughly 2.5 teeth in the rear, so which ever way you choose the effect will be the same.

    I've had both... seperatly and together. When I had 1 down up front and 2 up in the rear it would wheelie like mad... but the top speed lacked big time. You will also run out of gear faster and have to shift sooner to keep going, which I never really did...

    Going one down won't fuck your chain up... clutch wheelies will do that... but it could wear down the chain guides on the swingarm faster, but they're cheap to replace anyways.

    I'm back to stock now anyways... it's the best!

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    I dropped a tooth in the front with 800 k on the bike, chain now has 15000 k on it and is fine.

    BTW, well worth the $30.00, but I found the speedo error such a pain in the ass that I had to install a bicycle computer to get an accurate speed reading.

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    The hot setup is to go up 2 or 3 in the rear but that requires a new chain. Great if you need a new set of chain and sprockets anyway but expensive if you don't.

    The cheap alternative is one down on the front. and just set the rear wheel back a little in the adjusters.

    Some say the chain suffers and others say it's no big deal. Personally I think if the chain suffers it's from the wheelies and lack of cleaning and lubing rather than the sprocket.

    And then there's the speedo error issue.........

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