Thank You Robert And Julia!!
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Thread: Thank You Robert And Julia!!

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    Thank You Robert And Julia!!

    Julia and Robert,,,Thank you!!!

    I know these guys get lots of thanks for all the events and care they give to the local scene, but what is sometimes more important is the underlying encouragement they give just through their spirit. I can't begin to say thanks enough, because it was them that actually got my sorry ass to finally get over the paranoia of riding I still harboured from last years crash. I noticed this year I have found every excuse in the book not to throw my leg over the seat and fire up the RC. I would go out to the garage,,ponder,,and then turn back around leaving it sit untouched. I've never feared any thing or challenge in my life until it came to riding again this Summer. R & J's constant encouragement and enthusiasm was what I realll needed to push me back into it to at least give it a try before calling it quits for good.

    I'm sorry I wasn't with the group for the ride, but I did make it up to Whistler at my own pace (well, actually some crazy ass riders' pace that I met while grabbing coffee in Squamish) I had a blast,, and got past the hurdle. I'm not saying that it's a good thing to pressure your self into trying something you are no longer comfortable with,,,what I'm saying is that if you haven't made up your mind there's no better friends to encourage you in figuring it out than these guys. BC's an incredible place with the best riding community I could ever imagine. And Robert and Julia,,,you guys are the icing on the cake...Bog would agree. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    good to hear that you are back in the saddle. That's a hurdle,getting over an accident
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    glad to hear you are back doing what you enjoy. I agree that Robet and Julia are like pillars in this community. I will go for a nice ride at an easy pace with you anytime.

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    congrats on getting over your fear...a friend of mine is a psychology student, she did some research on people's post-accident's more common and more severe than people think. Some people require extensive therapy (including time on a computer driving simulator) before they can drive on the road again.

    But a little fear is a good thing...keeps you sharp.

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    Yep Jay I know what you're talking about on both accounts. Julia and Robert are two stand up individuals and we are so very fortunate to call them friends. Secondly, after having a few accidents myself... although my first one being the worst (7 years ago in my first year of riding), it was difficult to get back on the bike and have the confidence to give it a go again. I managed to do it also, albeit very slowly with the help of a friend named Karl (black guy on a 929, where the heck did he go? He's not on this site, used to ride with him and a group in White Rock), but anyway... he was very supportive, rode with me at a snail's pace, allowed me to follow him a bit to work up speed again and within a couple of months I was feeling just fine again.

    I sure do love all my riding friends, miss the old ones I don't see anymore and look forward to meeting all the new ones. Bring on the summer!!
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    Glad you're back Jay. Great events need great support like yours. That and your big grin, so hopefully you'll start coming around again.
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    Good for you Jay!
    Julia and Robert are very good friends to have, very supportive and careing and I am sure were the perfect people to help you get back into things.
    Robert and both are awesome!

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