where do i start?
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Thread: where do i start?

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    where do i start?

    i just got an 85' suzuki 400 (japanese model) - not running - where do i start? i want to turn this thing into a track bike that i can thrash on... how do i get it running?

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    There's three things you need to have in order to commit internal combustion. Gas, spark and compression. Assuming the engine is in decent shape as far as the valves and rings are concerned that leaves spark and gas.

    The tank has to be able to flow gas to the carbs. You can unhook the line and open the valve to test that. If it's a vacuum petcock you can suck lightly on the vacuum line (the smaller one that runs to a tap on the manifold to the hed) and that should make the gas flow with the petcock in the "on" position.

    The carbs may need cleaning. Pull the carb assembly off and remove the float bowls. If there's no grungy green stuff and no corrosion then you're good there most likely. Also check that the carb pistons float up and down easily and smoothly.

    Spark is a little harder to track down. Start with the battery being new and freshly trickly charged for about a 24 to 48 hour period. No car chargers here or you'll fry the poor battery. Pull a spark lead and hook up a spare plug to the lead and hold the base of the plug to the head of the engine. When you turn the engine over or kick the starter you should see a nice sharp blue spark. If not then you need to back track through the electrical. Use a voltmeter to check that the spark coil is getting a signal on the low voltage side. If not then you need to back track through the wire harness to find the problem. It's a very tough job if you don't have an electrical diagram for that bike. See if you can go on the 'net at other sites to find someone that will or has scanned the diagram.

    That's pretty general but then so is the question. Come back with specifics when you have them.
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    Throw it off a building, you'll be amazed how fast it goes.

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    9.8 meters per second squared?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogie
    9.8 meters per second squared?

    thats the acceleration it has, so if it was a 3 story building.......say 20 meters tall... VFsquared=VIsquared+2x9.8xd

    VFsquared = 0+2x9.8x20

    =19.8 m/s

    19.8 m/s x 3.6 = 71 km/h

    so if you drop it of a 120meter building... about 30 stories or so... you might get up to 175km/h... not taking into account wind friction or terminal velocity or anything like that... should be fast enough for the track.
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