I am pleased to announce that the CMDRA (Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association) has graciously extended an offer to WMRC licensed racers. The CMDRA is very excited to invite the WMRC racers come out to race with them, "The Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association would like to see you go straight"!!!! The race they are inviting us to is their first race in Mission Raceway Park which is July 2 - 3, 2005. The cost for the weekend, qualifying Saturday eliminations Sunday, would be the cost of entrance fee which is $30.00 for the weekend. Our race entry fees are free!!! In their program you must qualify on Saturday to race Sunday, in other words you can't just show up on Sunday. CMDRA will accept our licenses straight across and as far as helmets, safety gear etc. WMRC racers meet their requirements. If you are interested can go to CMDRA to check out the rule book for classes etc. The only thing that may be an issue is that if you have a bike that does not have the "Tip over, shut off" feature. You would have to rig a "kill switch" which CMDRA tech guys would help you do right at the track! They have a Saturday morning Race School @ 9:30 am the day of the race, and the CMDRA would ask that all the WMRC racers take that just to learn about the "tree" and a couple of points that will be different for us. Registration is done the Saturday morning (starting at 8am) of the race, all they would require is a signature on their waiver and then you would have their bike teched.

If you have any questions please give them a call @ (604) 580-9008 and
toll free 1-877-580-9008.

Also if you are not member of WMRC you can still come out and take the school then if you are interested pay $20.00 race for the weekend.