its party time!
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    its party time! saturday july 16th!

    dunno if this should be classed as an event; if so, please move it to open forum....

    its time for a party. july 16, my place.

    this will be the 3rd annual, so to speak, party here. 1st one was in the late winter, and we were shut ins with about 100 people inside. last year's party was outside, and was great with hottub and pool antics. sorry j, still no water slide.

    so... bring your booze and meat and lets have a get together. pool will be cold; hottub, hot. gonna try to bring a projector home from work for larger than life video on the wall. plenty of space for bike parking. there will be no sports cars in the back yard!

    my roommate will be gone, so there is more room in the house now. and the back yard can easily accomodate 100 people or more.

    lets say from 7 pm on. if you want to drop by earlier for a bike wash, come on over. i'll post up a map closer to the date. if you wish, you can reply here if you are going to attend.
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