*** STOLEN BIKE (Vic)*** Please help!
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Thread: *** STOLEN BIKE (Vic)*** Please help!

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    *** STOLEN CBR 600 (Vic)*** Please help!

    *** STOLEN BIKE (Vic)*** Please help!

    I parked my bike at my apt building on friday at 4:30 and left for Camping - came back today to find it stolen.

    Please this is the only bike like this in BC - super distictive.

    - It is a 91 CBR 600 with race body work.
    - It has a high mount Leo Vinci pipe with an Adrenalin stiker on the pipe.
    - A sigle off-set head light
    - LED brake lights
    - Black paint with white "number plates" on the front and back.
    - Clear double bubble wind screen with a "Datatech Parking" sticker on it.
    - Treads of back tire are white

    As I said this is the only bike in BC like it, so please if you see this bike, beat the crap out of the rider, you don't have to worry that it actually belongs to the person on it.

    I imagine it was late friday night as there were tonnes of people down on Dallas road for the Tall Ships.

    Please keep your eyes peeled, thank you!

    PS these are photos from before I owned the bike, so it has mirrors now and a few other mods
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    Update - the police just came and apparently the guy was riding around down town vic, drunk, in black leathers, no helmet and was involved in a high speed chase.

    Guy got away...

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    Hope they find it parked somewhere unharmed! The chase might have influenced him to get off the bike.

    Good luck.
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    oh so close to getting your bike back
    So much work & so little time!!

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    Ill keep an eye out for this bike, its a ncie bike its easy to spot too! i think you came by my place a couple weeks ago over to my nnew neighbours on walnut? anyways deffintly keep an eye out for it its a nice bike my buddy wanted to buy that off u when u were trying to sell it

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    Thank you everyone, really appreciate it - somebody has to know this doofus though... seriously who steals a bike drunk, doubles a friend and joyrides when police it at a peak for all the Tall Ship traffic...

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    guy needs a keyboard too the freaking head

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    Hmmm..... that Avtar looks familiar

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    Desjavu........keep spreading the word. Shouldn't take long to turn up if he's riding such an easy to spot bike.

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    Got a lead it might be in Van now...

    do all CBRs from that year (or any other) have the same front light configuration? I'm on the mainland but i recall seeing a bike like that yesterday... the design struck me as odd. it was in the evening around 11 and I saw it on cornwall by kits beach..

    maybe it would be a good idea to let BCferries know about the theft?

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    Read this ------> Click Here

    And e-mail all your info and pics to Dennis.
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    Bike recovered on Halloween in a parking lot with a pay stub on it! Only 15 Km extra on the clock

    I have 2 CBRs now, this one is for sale... make me an offer. Email me, not PM.


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    where did they recover the bike ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdawg420
    where did they recover the bike ?
    Parking lot on Pandora, by the royal bank.

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    no damage?
    02 R1- stolen Nov 24/02

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