Bike parts info? what is what....
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Thread: Bike parts info? what is what....

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    Bike parts info? what is what....

    is there anywhere on the web or someplace helpful i can find out what you guys are talking about when u mention things like frame sliders, fender eliminators etc etc? i hate asking people everytime i hear things

    man im' a newb

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    Frame sliders: if your bikes is new enough it will allow these.
    What they are? Too helpo aid you when you drop your bike to not be busting/ scratching up things..

    Fender eliminators: Too get a slick look under your tail where you sit. Rain does not splatter under the bike/ easy cleaning/ Older bikes you will have issues finding these items..

    Google is a great search engine for anything or find links on race bike parts or order a cataloge from a bike shop and read read read.. Its all about the toys

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    a fender eliminator is a small plate or something to that effect that replaces the big fender underneath the tail. you attach your license plate and tail lights to it.

    tree, i think you are referring to a hugger.

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