2-piece teknic leathers
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Thread: 2-piece teknic leathers

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    2-piece teknic leathers

    i have a set of teknic leathers.they are 2-piece violators with the zipper between.they are black with purple scalops.the top is perforated.they have seen very limited mileage,espesially the bottoms.the pants have velcro for the pucks,but i do not have the pucks.i'm not sure the size,but they will fit about 5'10-6'1 maybe 165-185lbs.i'm just too big for these things.i don't have a digital camera,but i will post pics once i borrow one.it is an older color scheme,but as i say minimum use and never seen the ground.i am open to offers as i can not squeeze into them.post or pm if interested.
    oh ya and the jacket has a small speed hump,and both pieces have the appropriate armor.
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    You can't read the actual size on the label? I would be very interested in these but don't really want to go to chilliwack to look at them, can you get a pic posted or at least a picture off the net of what they look like and a price.
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    digi,i looked inside and couldn't find a number,just xxl.seems small for that designation though as it won't fit someone over about 185-190lbs.i will post a pic in the next day or 2 once i get access to a digital cam.i realize that i live out in the sticks and would be willing to cut the distance with anyone seriously interested.we just need a place quiet enough to try them on.
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