I need to rent a pick-up....
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Thread: I need to rent a pick-up....

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    I need to rent a pick-up....

    ....for spokane on sept 2. what's a good rental company and the kind of pick-up i should be looking for? Are the widths of the back all the same - obviously the wider the better (i need to fit two F4i's). I heard tilden offers unlimited mileage at 35 a day but I can't be quoted on this. Also, I heard tie-downs scratch up the truck, what can I do about this?

    Thanks people....

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    I think Enterprise also rents pick-ups at about that same rate, with unlimited mileage. Width shouldn't be a problem on any of the small/mid-sized pick-ups you can rent...they should all be able to fit two bikes wide. Unless you get one of those flare-side trucks, but I don't think they rent those.
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    Get a full size.
    Anything smaller than a Dakota will not fit two bikes.
    Tie downs dont scratch the beds. Well, i've havent ever...

    You'll also need a ramp.

    good luck!

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