Puzzle for Electrical Geniuses (or Exorcists)
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Thread: Puzzle for Electrical Geniuses (or Exorcists)

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    Puzzle for Electrical Geniuses (or Exorcists)

    So, my 2003 ZX-9 decides not to start about a week ago. I had been to Victoria and had just returned to the Lower Mainland on the bike. Took the Albion ferry back from Langley, get to the Maple Ridge side - bike won't start. Eventually I figure out that it will start in Neutral as long as I leave the clutch out. Get home and consult trusty service manual. Ah ha, ignition lockout switch at clutch lever looks like a potential source for problem. Remove switch, jump circuit on connector and bike now starts with clutch pulled in. Must be the switch.

    Off to Maple Ridge Motor Sports, new part ordered in arrives in two days & no charge (extended warranty, thanks Alexa & Troy). Install new switch - bike is back to normal operation.

    Today, back to Victoria for some work. Returning home - take Albion ferry again (you can see this coming). Get to Maple Ridge side of the river, yup, bike won't start!!!!! Starts again in neutral with clutch out - exactly the same problem.

    I know there is also a switch on the kickstand, problem is present stand up or down, so I assume it's not a factor.

    So other then the obvious answer (the Albion Ferry is possessed with demons intent on destroying clutch mounted ignition lockout switches) - what is up with this???? Is there some underlying cause that has now blown 2 of these switches in a week. I have ridden several hours with the new switch, bike was on and off dozens of times with no hassle.

    Any ideas?


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    i would assume the kickstand switch is part of the problem. time to clean it at the very least. it could be sticking or be really gummed up.

    remember, you can start a bike on the stand when its in neutral.

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    I think doug has the answer. Check that kickstand switch with a meter.... and never use the Albion ferry ever again.......
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    A buddy of mine had the exact issue. ( appearantly it's common on those 9's )
    He called Burnaby Kawasaki and they gave hime a way to short out the wires tro bypass the Kickstand switch until he could bring it in for them to replace it.

    I'd give them a call and see what they can do for ya
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    You can jump the 2 wires together to bypass the switch altogether, but then you wont have a reminder not to drive off with your kickstand down. It sounds like the kickstand switch is bad, and your extended warranty should cover parts and labour.

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