Any Pocketbike expert out there?
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Thread: Any Pocketbike expert out there?

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    Any Pocketbike expert out there?

    Thinking of buying a pocketbike to play around with, but I have no idea what to look out for... I see so many of them on ebay but have no idea about the quality. Are all the pocketbikes out there practically the same? Do all the pocketbike manufacturers make similar bikes or is there a one that's better than the rest? Please help
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    start here:

    also, check out - he is in langley and has some decent quality Chinese pocketbikes. My friends are running water cooled, putting out 6 or so hp. You can get cheaper 52cc big bore air cooled models with about 2-3hp though...

    Here is a link to the identical bikes we have, although this guy is in u.s.

    p.s. stay away from ebay bikes like giovanni etc - they are they poorest quality - I know I had one...
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