theifs strike again. all my gear is gone!
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Thread: theifs strike again. all my gear is gone!

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    theifs strike again. all my gear is gone!

    so im helping a friend move last night.. leave all my gear at her place with my bike and well on one of our trips to her new house some fucker broke into her house and stole my gear. took my new helmet gloves backpack with all my shit in it.. and they didnt take anything but my gear

    so if someone tries to sell you some used gear like this please let me have the gratification that I know we all want when we get this feeling.. and break his knee's with an aluminum bat. then after that i move onto cutting his fingers off with my angle grinder.

    OK so a BRAND NEW, cant stress the new part enough,

    WHITE ICON MAINFRAME helmet with the halo grafic (I havent even got another paycheck since i bought this.. so less than 2 weeks old..!! ARG

    BLACK LEATHER ICON SUPERDUTY gloves which are also new.. they are less then a month..

    BLACK DAKINE APEX backpack with water thing etc.
    and in that

    white oakley minute sunglasses,
    my regular eye glasses, and varouse other junk i cant think of right now.. oh yeah like my insurance papers for a green kawai. i cant even remember whatelse is in there.. but i basicly live out of it so alot of shit i would like back

    the worst part is now i have toride my shitty ass cheapo passenger helmet.. because some oranger county choppers wannabe decided he needed my helmet to put in his room and pretend he rides.
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    You'd better watch your bike and your house now dude, if they got your insurance papers they now know where you live.

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    That really sucks.. sorry to hear it . If you need to borrow some gear I have lots - just send me a PM. Don't know if we're the same size etc... but the offer's there.
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    Whoever it was must have watched you come and then go. Like a neighbour or some one your friend knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrills
    You'd better watch your bike and your house now dude, if they got your insurance papers they now know where you live.
    not to mention that they/he/she obviously doesnt have a problem doing a B&E

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    just remembered that my old address is on the papers so im ok that way..

    yeah it must be one ofthe neighbours. saw me ride up.. then noticed what we where doing.. we did one load and my shit was still there.. probably timed it.. then the second load they broke in. i tell you i was pretty close to starting to bang on doors and kick the shit out of anyone that awnsered.

    but i tell you.. i moved to vancouver about a year and a half ago.. and this kinda thing is really starting to make me hate this city.. its the end of june and its been raining solid since we had that little heat streak like 2 months back.. the rotting fish smell i smell everyday on my way home from work down in south east vancouver. the fact im paying as much for a tiny duplex as i work for a whole house in my home town.. I think im going to move to langley or something.. I think i hate this city
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    I completely understand your frustration and anger. BC is, aparently, the best place on earth to live - so "they" say. Unfortunately the crime situation is getting out of hand in the lower mainland. One of several reasons I left the UK was the increasing level of crime. I had three years free of it in Seattle, but up here it's nuckin futs!
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