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    North East California

    Looking into a route back from the GP races through the northeast section of California, anyone ever ride Hwy 395 or Hwy 139 out of Reno?? I want to end up hooking up with Hwy 95 in Klamath Falls and cruise up through Central Oregon and Washington on the way home.
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    Here's road references for this area.

    Head towards Klamath Falls, past Crater lake and ride through the Cascades popping out at Portland. My group is doing this route on the way down. just avoid Hwy 97 its boring.
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    Looking into a route back from the GP races through the northeast section of California, anyone ever ride Hwy 395 or Hwy 139 out of Reno??
    Yes, and yes.

    OR66 from Ashland to K Falls is very tasty. Also, 140 from K Falls to Lakeview.
    395 north of Lakeview is flat, all the way to Burns. Why not try 140 from Lakeview over to Denio, and up north on 205? Spectacular! The road goes right through the middle of a Malheur Lake. It's fairly plain (read:boring) from Burns north to John Day on 395, but north of that, to Pendleton is an absolute blast, as it follows water courses most of the time. An alternative to 395 from John Day is 26 west to 19, and squiggle your way to Biggs OR, on all those little tiny roads that rarely have frost heaves, and follow the contour of whatever water track they're following.
    139 out of Reno is picturesque. Smoother ashphalt than 447 north of Reno. Mind, on 447, a little more than an hour north of Reno is Gerlach. Stop in at Bruno's for Ravioli.
    Don't forget to gas up there. It can be ridden at a nominal pace, however, it's open range land, and critters are out.
    My $.02

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    michael's suggestions are excellent--I've ridden up that way a couple of times on my way back from Laguna.

    You should know that some small Nevada towns are *very* fond of ticket revenue, so make sure you slow down sufficiently as it's easy to carry too much speed into town when you've been travelling in such wide open spaces. If it says 25mph, *don't* think they'll let you ride through at 26. And yes, those open range cattle can be appear rather quickly.

    Have a great trip.
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