Women's Riding Pants

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  • Standard jeans

    31 58.49%
  • Riding leather pants

    12 22.64%
  • Fabric riding pants

    4 7.55%
  • Street wear with extra protection (knee shields)

    4 7.55%
  • Riding jeans with kevlar

    1 1.89%
  • Riding jeans with heavy duty denim

    1 1.89%
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Thread: Women's Riding Pants

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    Hey chicks!

    I'm trying to figure out what I want for protective pants -- I'm still sporting a knee injury (superficial, thankfully) from dropping my bike, so I've learned to wear ALL gear ALL the time.

    I was looking at Icon jeans, but found out they are simply heavier denim, and not kevlar-lined. I'd like to find pants that I can wear off the bike, but still give me enough protection while I'm a n00b...

    What do you guys wear? What fits our girlish figures (men's gear isn't an option, as I have a small waist, but definitely hips too)?

    I'll be wearing some leather pants my mother is loaning me (she's a harley rider) until I figure it out.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Get and wear full leathers, all the time.

    Some manufacturer's make women's (I think Alpine Star and Teknic), but men's will mold to ya after you wear them for a few weeks riding. Get them fairly tight and they will stretch. I would highly recommend heading into Pacific Yamaha before ASAP before she leaves to get her to outfit you properly. She is awesome!!!

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    Where is the option for bikini bottoms?

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    Hahaha! Now there's a visual.

    Seriously though, definitely wear leathers. I wiped out a month ago and THANK GOD I was wearing all leathers. It saved my heiny...literally.

    I actually got a pair of "fashion" leather motorcycle pants from Zara of all places...they're great, and thick too...and only $150!!!

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    I just bought these kick ass Joe Rocket Phoenix pants. They are poly/ mesh but they still have padding in the knees and ass area, and they are sooo nice and cool, it feels like you are wearing shorts but your legs are completely protected! I would recommend them to anyone.

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    i just ordered a joe rocket ballistic suit (women's) from richmond motorsports. went to a couple other dealerships, tried stuff on, figured out my sizes, and bought at rms because that's where my bf deals. and i got a KICKASS deal. i find that joe rocket is the happy medium, becuase for women's i tried on alpine stars and all their styles were huge in the shoulders, tight in the ribs, huge in the waist, and tiny in the hips/ass. and the other line i tried was icon, which was just too small everywhere!
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    Thanks everyone!

    I'll go and try on some gear at Pacific Yamaha and Richmond Motorsports this weekend and figure something out.


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    Full leathers, all the time. Two piece suit that zips together. They're not the most stylish off the bike, but I've never had a problem just ducking into a bathroom and switching to pants if necessary, or wearing 'em and having people look at me enviously (hey, I've got a hot bike and they don't!) otherwise.

    It helps that my main social group is full of people with leather fetishes, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arwenoid
    It helps that my main social group is full of people with leather fetishes, though.
    Congrats, Donna! Looks like you just got to *69* posts! LOL...

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    ..holy crap! anyone see the 2006 joerocket ladies stuff?? i think i'm gonna save up and get rid of my dainese leathers for cheap. next year's stuff looks HOT.
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