July 1st - Canada Day Bar-B-Q Poker Tourny?
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Thread: July 1st - Canada Day Bar-B-Q Poker Tourny?

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    July 1st - Canada Day Bar-B-Q Poker Tourny?

    Greetings all.

    If anyone hasn't left yet, my brother and I are planning on heading upto our Cabin at Cultas...maybe do some wakeboardin..

    It's 1:15, we probably will leave at 2:30 - 3...we are in new west, so we can meet up somewhere near Brunette exit, or the greyhound station....or pm and can give directions..

    We can grab some Steaks & Beer in the 'Wack' and go from there.....

    Send me a PM or post if you are interested. 330pm- we still havent left yet, but we're just gonna go grab some grub and ride up...if interested call (604)375-1681, or if in area, its cabin 19 lakeshore drive (b4 waterslides and esso)
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    i guess i am a little late but if u havent left yet let me know othervise i am in on any other weekend u are going.
    steaks + a bike ride + sunshine + wakeboarding = whicked ladies , lots of booze and.........

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