00'-01' Honda F4 parts fit 98'99 F4 parts?
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Thread: 00'-01' Honda F4 parts fit 98'99 F4 parts?

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    00'-01' Honda F4 parts fit 98'99 F4 parts?

    Will the front break rotor for 2000 Honda F4 fit on a 1999 Honda F4?

    please PM thanks

    the chief

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    yes it will ,all 99-2000 f4 are the same

    2001 f4i wont
    here are the similarities between f4 and f4i

    these are identical other than color sometimes,but bolt on like stock between f4 and f4i
    -frame (only diff color) **motors are the same other than fi sysytem but they bolt in vice vera ,,only need a complete to swap em,,,ie:harness and al components.
    -swingarm (diff color)
    -side panles (not upper)
    -rear sets
    -shock ( diff color spring)
    -rear master/caliper
    -front master ,calipers
    -triple clamps
    -clip ons
    -hand controls
    -subframe ( as in it bolts to the frame but you need f4i tail section )
    -stator and cover
    -clutch cover

    it goes on but you get the point ,only very small diff between them ,motor,wheels.tail and upper,and tank as far as its the same shape but f4i has fuel pump in the tank ,f4 uses external fuel pump .

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