For all online shoppers.. ebayers.. etc:

there is a place in Point Roberts, WA (just accross the border at Tsawwassen) called "The Letter Carrier"

I have been shipping stuff there for the last 2 years.. they charge you 2.50 canadian per item.. but for what you save on shipping it's easily worth it.

Of course when you go back accross the border you are *supposed* to, as good Canadian citizens, declare the items you are bringing across.

Anyway.. it's a 30 min ride from downtown.. and sometimes you can save 20-40+ bucks US on shipping.. depending of course on what you buy

those sending money orders to purchase stuff in the states can also buy what is called a "postal money order" from the post office there.. and it only costs 1.50 US to buy.. of course you have to use american funds but there is a bank there. i have been ripped off by money mart here.. one time i sent a money order for 1,800 and they skimmed me first ont he exchange to US dollars and then the money order itself cost 80 bucks.. total bs

anyway.. thought this might be useful to some ppl