Looking for a few small parts for a Kawasaki 1980 KZ 440 LTD with points/condenser type ignition. The first three I figure would not need to be overly model specific, but the last two would have be closer:

(1) Spark plug cap brass insert that clips on to the thread at the top of the spark plug (maybe could buy the enitire cap and unscrew the brass insert)
(2) Philips screws (nickel?) that hold the ignition timing plate on
(2) Philips screws (steel?) that hold the right side engine cover
(1) Kawasaki name plate that goes under the headlamp
(1) Right front brake lever

The regular used parts feller (Elmer) seems perhaps a bit pricey and has not returned my call (he might be fishing?). Hopefully in the Tri City area as I’m staying close to home to do stuff.

Tanks Much!