Anyone interested in a nice computer?

I recently upgraded mine (more like bought a new one), and I have the other one for sale.

ASUS A7V8X Deluxe with SATA with built in Lan Adapter and 6.1 Doubly Surround Sound Card
Athlon XP 2500+ CPU
512MD DDR PC3200 RAM with Heatsinks
MSI Geforce FX5700 128MB w/ TV OUT
80GB Barracuda ATA 133 7200.5 RPM 8mb Cache Hard Drive
DVD-ROM (I can replace this with a CDWriter for free, or include a DVD-Writer for another $80 or so caht with me about it)

Computer is no more than 6 Months old, some parts are still under warranty and I will actually service it myself for 3 months and replace anything that goes defective for that period of time, if you want a nice gaming machine this is for you.

This is for the computer only, not complete with monitor, keyboard, mouse or speakers, if you'd like to get those and make it a full set talk to me I deal with computers at work and I can order these parts and make a it full system, for a resonable and cheap price.

Note I only have quality High end parts so this is a nice, fast and reliable system.

Will only accept cash in person, selling to lowe mainland only, you can see the computer at my work place if you need to, contact me for more info

eclipse (at) or pm me