high end computer nforce 3 sli system (selling)
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Thread: high end computer nforce 3 sli system (selling)

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    high end computer nforce 3 sli system (selling)

    amd 3000 chip

    Asus SLI motherboard

    pci-e evga video card

    harddrive 80gb


    combo drive

    +350 watt powersupply/ No case!

    If you add up the total bill of the above its 1048.14 without taxs.
    Comes Loaded XP pro and updated with Newest norton antivirus.

    Asking $790-
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    another system

    P4 2.4 C northwood chip 'hyperthreader'

    soltek mini
    Ati 9800 pro 128mb video card
    Patriot ram 2x512 highest end overclocking ram low settings.(red heatsinks)
    Twinhann 1020 dvb card free to air programs!
    DVD burner pioneer does all in one as well..
    Keyboard and mouse. Remotes for the dvb card.

    This is svideo'd to my tv as a full time tv unit.
    Asking $1200-

    This is something you have to see to understand
    All set up with MT program ready to go plug and play/ windows XP pro/ Newest antivirus programs and is an online computer to tv or monitor, You're choice!..

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