What are the must see/rides, on the way to Laguna
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Thread: What are the must see/rides, on the way to Laguna

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    What are the must see/rides, on the way to Laguna

    Mt St Helens, Crater Lake, Red woods of northern cali......
    and what about some highway numbers?
    Are there any absolute must see's or really enjoyable twisties along the way?
    (Of course there are so post em up Ya'll)

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    If there's any road you've got to hit in Cali it's the hwy between Legget and Fort Bragg right on the coast about 200 miles N. of San Fransicko.
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    +1 it's the bomb.
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    Highway 36 in NorCal. Arguably the best road on the continent:


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    Windy Ridge to Mount St. Helens gets my vote for best road - that entire area is amazing. We did it last week and there was zero traffic, perfect weather, and no PoPo in the immediate area.

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    Last year, North of Weed California, you take a road that turns into highway three, it eventually hooks up to 299 your make a left go a few miles and hook back on to three follow 3 all the way to 36. Cross 101 and take the loop on 211 to teh coast and back. It eventually links up with One. Buy gas whenever you see it and do not ride this route alone , too desolate. great roads but no guardrails and in one sppot you are on a twisty one lane paved road following the old pony express trail.

    Enjoy that route will, it take one day
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    just watch for cops. it's them backward counties #1 form of revenue.
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    Get over (west) to Hwy 1 near Sonoma/Novato (north of SFO) and follow it south, past Point Reyes (actual epcentre of the 1906 "San Francisco" earthquake), along the coast (be prepared for cold and fog, lumpy roads due to ongoing landslides, stunning views, etc.). If you have some spare time (and there is not fog on the mountain to your left) take the first left after the unmarked Bolinas exit, cross the cattle grate, and enjoy the best road in the world up the back side of Mt. Tamalpais (right at the top of the hill in the trees), "south" along the ridge (this road shows up in many car adverts, see photo).....at the next intersection left will take you to the peak (dead end) and right will drop you back down to Hwy 1 (go left for SFO). Services are few for this stretch so don't plan on finding a room or gas for a while.

    To the poster who refered to SFO as Sanfransicko......you're one to talk.....Vancouver is just as "sick" by that yardstick.....just smalltime. I say go all the way.

    Edit: Try to NOT do this ride on a sunny weekend afternoon.....will be ruined by beach traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrotchRocketeer
    My friend and I will be doing 299 and 36 Wednesday. If any of you are heading out tomorrow AM, PM me and maybe we can latch up for the ride down. Safety in numbers right? We will be on the 7am ferry to the mainland!
    I'm jelous, you'll have to tell me about 36.

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