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    Dead Battery

    So i passed my road test and celebrated by leaving my bike on when i got home. My battery D-E-A-D.

    Can i recharge it? if so, what's the best way to do it.

    Do i have to replace it? if so, any suggestions on where to get a good deal?

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    Jump start it from a car, just make sure that the car is not on when you do this or you may blow your electrical system. Then go for a long ride of at least 40 mins or so to recharge your battery. You'll only need to replace the battery if it's soo weak that it won't hold a charge anymore then go to Edmonds battery.
    If you don't want to jump it buy a 1Amp trickle charger from Crappy Tire and leave it on for 24hours to recharge, again don't use a car charger (usually 6Amps) because it will overload the battery.
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    a nice trickle charger using 1 amp overnight would be a good way to go.Like the one that sells for $44.99 at canadian tire.
    If you need a new battery try battery world on boundary and 1st, around $80-90. Wholesale prices to public. 5th gear was the best for price for a bike shop. RMS $150, pac Yamaha $160 and 5th gear charged $88 for same battery.
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    Sorry Flo but this time it's not a good idea to jump it off a car, running or not. The strong charge the car battery can drive through a dead flat motorcycle battery could easily boil the electrolyte in the MC battery and cause the case to split.

    Get that one amp charger from Can Tire and let it charge overnight. The one they have actually starts at one amp and tapers down as the battery comes up. So that charger along with a lamp timer makes a nice tender for over the winter. So it's money well spent for the future as well.
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