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    Holy Crap

    Train hits car near my house....

    on the cariboo/winston intersection...

    sorry no picks... was going to an appointment.

    unrecognizable car was hit by a commuter train (Amtrac style) i dont know if anyone was hurt but holy crap.... i have never seen that shit before..

    channel 9 (CTV) chopper has footage so watch the news!
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    Honda of some kind, saw the pictures on the news tonight. The driver is in hospital but I forget whether he was seriously hurt or not. Probably got caught waiting for the light while straddling the tracks... I've seen enough idiots doing that at that intersection.

    The annoying thing is that he had a baby seat and a stroller in the back of the car, so the fire department spent an hour or two scouring the bushes along the side of the tracks expecting to find a baby that had been thrown from the vehicle. Thankfully they didn't.
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