Carter bolt not tightening--
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Thread: Carter bolt not tightening--

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    Unhappy Carter bolt not tightening--

    Hey guys, I recently changed the oil in my Katana, it didn´t leak any oil before, but I think I might have over-tightened the carter bolt, and now there´s a small oil leak in there (small but still a leak..) What can I do?


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    There is a metallic crush washer on the drain plug bolt.Some times if you re-use it,it doesn't seal properly.Get a new one.If that doesn't work,then you probably stripped the threads on the bolt or the hole(engine case).Hopefully it's just the bolt so you can easily(inexpensively)replace it and the washer.

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    what the fucks a carter bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssblade
    what the fucks a carter bolt.
    PHEW! And I thought it was just me. (... and you forgot the apostrophe. "fucks" is a verb form while you meant to type "fuck's" as in the contraction of "fuck is"...... what? Why yes, I am feeling a trifle pedantic today...... ........ OK, so I owe you another beer for this little trip down english grammar lane )

    Torthen, stripped oil drain bolts are a common but highly unwanted commodity around here. Be bloody careful you don't overdo it again. You may have strained the threads this time but if you did then one or two more like this and it'll be stripped city for you. You only need to pull on the end of the wrench with about the same force as the weight of a telephone book. Or get a torque wrench.
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